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XAware Plugin Download and Installation


To obtain the XAware Designer plug-in, type the following link into the Eclipse Update Manager: as a new remote update site.  Additional Add-On's such as the SalesForce BizComponent are also available from these URL's.

The latest Stable build will be available as a plug-in at:

Once you have downloaded and tried out the plug-in, please Click here to rate our plug-in on Eclipse Plugin Central.


We recommend starting with Eclipse Jee Ganymede SR1 Bundle as the base into which you download this plug-in.

This text describes how to use the Eclipse Update Manager feature to guide you through the process of adding or updating a plug-in. When performing a plug-in installation, be sure to follow all Eclipse recommended procedures for working with plug-ins.  While the following procedure contains information that is applicable to most typical system configurations, different plug-ins and specific Eclipse variations may require minor changes to the actual procedure.

Note: Before installing the XAware plug-in ensure that the following virtual memory settings are established in the eclipse.ini file, which is by default located at the root of the Eclipse installation:

  1. Open Eclipse and select Help|Software Updates|Find and Install. The Eclipse Install/Update wizard is displayed. The Feature Updates screen is displayed first.
  2. The next step depends on whether you have previously installed an XAware plug-in to this version of Eclipse.

    A. If you have previously installed an XAware plug-in, select the Search updates of the currently installed features radio button. If you select this option, then the Search Results screen is displayed and you can skip to step 6 below. Please note: The Plugin only contains the XAware Feature and it's associated plugins. XAware Engine is not a part of the plugin and if you are running an XAware Engine, you will need to manually update it to the same version as the plugin.

    B. If you have not previously installed an XAware plug-in or if you want to update only specified plug-ins (rather than all), select the Search for new features to install radio button. Then, click the Next button. If you selected the Search for new features to install radio button, the Update sites to visit screen is displayed.
  3. If XAware is not listed in the Site to include in Search box, click the New Remote Site button. Otherwise, skip ahead to step 5. The New Update Site dialog is displayed.
  4. Enter a name for the product (generally XAware) in the Name field, and the appropriate link, as listed above, to the download site in the URL field. Then click OK. The name you entered is added to the list in the Site to include in Search box.
  5. Ensure that XAware is selected in the Sites to include in search box and then click Finish. Tip: Depending on your Eclipse installation/configuration, you may need to check additional products in the Sites to include in search box. For instance, if you are using a version of Eclipse that does not include the Web Tools Platform (WTP) you should select the Callisto Discovery Site and The Eclipse Project Updates as well as XAware. After Eclipse locates the sites for the selected products, the Search Results screen is displayed. This screen enables you to select the specific features to install/update. Note that there may be multiple versions of some products (including XAware) available.
  6. Ensure that the desired version of XAware is selected and that all required components in other trees are selected, and then click the Select Required button to ensure that all components required by Eclipse/XAware are updated appropriately, then click Next. Note: If you are using a basic Eclipse installation without WST, you must select WST within The Callisto Discovery Site before you click the Select Required button. Note: If you are using the ActiveBPEL™ Designer version of Eclipse, you can expand the trees for all other products selected without specifically selecting components to be updated; with the trees expanded, Eclipse will locate the components of these plugins that must be updated in conjunction with XAware. One or more license screens is displayed.
  7. Click the I accept the terms in the license agreement radio button to continue with the installation/update. The installation screen is displayed, showing all of the components selected for installation, their version, size and install location.
  8. Click the Finish button to install/update XAware and any other selected components. The XAware plug-in and any other selected components are installed/updated. Note that this process may take some time if multiple components were selected. You must restart Eclipse before starting a newly installed plug-in.