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This wiki is a reference for the XAware data integration project and its community. Everyone can read pages, but only registered users can edit them.

Please, if you are new to XAware, do not edit pages until you are sure you have new information, and please don't randomly edit pages just to test the wiki! Thank you.

This wiki may not be your best first option for product information either. The topics displayed here include highly specific use case, developer-centric details, and information supporting the XAware Engine. For information about designing and building typical XAware web services, see the help system available from the Designer Help menu and the examples available from the Designer File menu first.

This wiki is not here to help you promote your site in search engine rankings. Going around wiki sites like this and adding irrelevant messages with links is called 'wiki spamming.' It is thoroughly anti-social, wrong, and may be illegal.

Best Practices
Managing Deployed XAware Applications in the JMX Console
XAware Case Studies - case studies of specific XAware projects
XAware Community Projects - development and usage information for contributed projects
XAware Development - information for XAware developers and contributors
XAware Installation and Deployment
XAware Interfaces/Connectors
XAware Upgrade Information
XAware with 3rd Party Applications

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